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RHA Adopted Scan, an Imported Stallion from U.S.

It was in the beginning of December 2015 when we first heard of Scan, standing at Hidaka Stallion Station, had no place to go.

Hidaka Stallion Station was to close by the end of December, but the stallion staff were not able to find a new home for 27 year old stallion, Scan, a son of Mr, Prospector and Video. He served as a stallion in Japan for 21 years from 1992-2013.

He was too old to be sent back to the U.S.  While domestic-born stallions are usually qualified for financial support from Japan Association for International Racing and Stud Book(JAIRS) as domestic grade race winners after retirement, the imported stallion from the U.S. did not have the qualification for the assistance.  It was difficult to find a new owner for Scan, and Ogifushi Breeding System, who manages the stallion station, asked us to take over Scan.

We temporarily moved him to Araki Bokujo in Shinhidaka-cho, Hokkaido, and tried to rehome him.  But it was difficult to find his new home without drastically changing the environment.

We decided to keep him, and started raising a fund amounting 3,000,000 yen, which will be necessary in the next 3 years.

We have raised 1,500,000 yen so far, from fans and horsemen nation wide.

We very much appreciate your kind assistance from overseas as well. You can donate with PayPal.


Moving from Hidaka Stallion Station

April 1,2016

Hibiki, racing name "Lord Symphony", is a charming thirteen year old gelding.  

After his first career as a race horse, he served for the Metropolitan Mounted Police.  He retired from his service due to pain in his legs, and moved to a riding club in Hokkaido last year.  However, it seemed to be  difficult to start his "third life" as an equestrian horse.

RHA temporarily took over Hibiki in end of November to heal his pain and rehome him to a new owner who can keep him as a companion or a therapy horse. We moved him to Araki Bokujou in Shinhidaka-cho, Hokkaido.

Hibiki  in Araki Bokujou

Takahiro Araki, supporting us in the"Hibiki Project" as a owner of Araki Bokujou,  is also a reliable farrier.  Thanks to his intense care of the hoofs and legs, Hibiki's pain seemed to heal day by day.

We also found a new owner, Ms. Komori who owns a private stable in Ogose-cho, Saitama. Hibiki has moved to his lifetime home in January 22 this year.

Hibiki in Saitama

Rolling over on the soft sand.


We have received donations from our supporters  amounting 159,000 yen.

We would like to express our thanks to all of those who have supported us in the "Hibiki Project". 

Princess Eyes in Retrain & Rehome Program

Princess Eyes, a 5 year old mare, is the 7th horse in our "Retrain & Rehome Program".  She won 12 races in Kochi Keiba from 2012 to 2015. Her last race was in August.

A long drive from Kochi seemed to be tough, and she looked very thin when she reached her temporary home in Chiba on September 5.  


She seemed to be nervous for several days, but it did not take long until she got used to the new environment.  

She is very smart and absorbs quickly whatever she is taught. She is calm and patient, copes well with other horses, too.

Her charm point is her BIG ears!

We hope we can find her a good owner.



Training Movie (Long Version)

RHA Adopted 3 "Hisaibas"

Three years have passed since the 3.11 disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Support of RHA has now come to a new stage ― RHA adopted 3 mares, and they started their new life at HORSE TRUST, a sanctuary for  retired horses and ponies in Kagoshima.

Harmony Chitose-chan (age unkown) was once  adopted to a riding club, however, her hoof was injured and was no longer able to be ridden.  What she needed was a place to relax and move as she wanted.  We decided to take over Harmony Chitose-chan.


Harmony Chitose-chan

7 year old Enaco was not suitable for riding nor as a pet because of her serious mental problem.  She easily got into panic. Sometimes she got hurt, sometimes she was dangerous to deal with.  The former owner Mr. Tanaka was determined to keep her at his farm.  But we proposed to take over Enaco, for we were convinced that the spacious pastures of HORSE TRUST will be a good environment to lessen stress and heal her mental problem.



The only concern of Mr. Tanaka was to separate Enaco from Kocchan(8 years old), because she was the only one Enaco could depend upon, and asked us if Kocchan could move together.  We knew it was very difficult to find a new owner for Kocchan, and we decided to welcome her to RHA.



 The 3 horses moved to Kagoshima on 3 November, 2013.


Getting off the truck, arriving at HORSE TRUST.

It did not take a month until the 3 horses got used to the new life in Kagoshima. For a few days Enaco was in panic when she lost sight of Kocchan.  But soon there was a remarkable change.  Enaco learned to cope with other horses, which was a great surprise!  Kocchan, and Harmony Chitose-chan have made new friends.

Help Us Support Enaco, Kocchan, and Harmony Chitose-can

We very much appreciate your support for Enaco, Kocchan, and Harmony Chitose-chan.  Donations by PayPal is now accepted. (Enaco has died of a disease on March 24,2014.)


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