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Hibiki, Having Served for the Metropolitan Mounted Police Started His "Third Life" in Saitama

Hibiki, racing name "Lord Symphony", is a charming thirteen year old gelding.  

After his first career as a race horse, he served for the Metropolitan Mounted Police.  He retired from his service due to pain in his legs, and moved to a riding club in Hokkaido last year.  However, it seemed to be  difficult to start his "third life" as an equestrian horse.

RHA temporarily took over Hibiki in end of November to heal his pain and rehome him to a new owner who can keep him as a companion or a therapy horse. We moved him to Araki Bokujou in Shinhidaka-cho, Hokkaido.

Hibiki  in Araki Bokujou

Takahiro Araki, supporting us in the"Hibiki Project" as a owner of Araki Bokujou,  is also a reliable farrier.  Thanks to his intense care of the hoofs and legs, Hibiki's pain seemed to heal day by day.

We also found a new owner, Ms. Komori who owns a private stable in Ogose-cho, Saitama. Hibiki has moved to his lifetime home in January 22 this year.

Hibiki in Saitama

Rolling over on the soft sand.


We have received donations from our supporters  amounting 159,000 yen.

We would like to express our thanks to all of those who have supported us in the "Hibiki Project". 

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