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Our New "Foster Horses", Tosho Orion & Mother Tosho

We have welcomed Tosho Orion and Mother Tosho as our new "foster horses" on October 26.

Tosho Orion, 22 years old, moved to Honkiri Bokujou in Shin-Hidaka-cho, Hokkaido. 

Tosho Orion is a Grade III winner, and the last crop of Tosho Boy, one of the greatest stallion in Japan's racing history.

He is energetic and ran throughout the pasture when he was released.

Mother Tosho, 25 years old, moved to Watanabe Bokujou in Urakawa, Hokkaido.  She is the winner of 3 Grade III races.

Mother Tosho is calm and generous, and seems to have been accepted by her partner Kirara.


Now we have 4 foster horses in Watanabe Bokujou.

Princess Eyes in Retrain & Rehome Program

Princess Eyes, a 5 year old mare, is the 7th horse in our "Retrain & Rehome Program".  She won 12 races in Kochi Keiba from 2012 to 2015. Her last race was in August.

A long drive from Kochi seemed to be tough, and she looked very thin when she reached her temporary home in Chiba on September 5.  


She seemed to be nervous for several days, but it did not take long until she got used to the new environment.  

She is very smart and absorbs quickly whatever she is taught. She is calm and patient, copes well with other horses, too.

Her charm point is her BIG ears!

We hope we can find her a good owner.



Training Movie (Long Version)

Site Renewal

The URL has now been renewed as the English website of RHA (The Retired Horse Association).  

The information on hisaiba, the affected horses of the Great East Japan Earthquake will be provided here as a part of this site.

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