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RHA Adopted 3 "Hisaibas"

Three years have passed since the 3.11 disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Support of RHA has now come to a new stage ― RHA adopted 3 mares, and they started their new life at HORSE TRUST, a sanctuary for  retired horses and ponies in Kagoshima.

Harmony Chitose-chan (age unkown) was once  adopted to a riding club, however, her hoof was injured and was no longer able to be ridden.  What she needed was a place to relax and move as she wanted.  We decided to take over Harmony Chitose-chan.


Harmony Chitose-chan

7 year old Enaco was not suitable for riding nor as a pet because of her serious mental problem.  She easily got into panic. Sometimes she got hurt, sometimes she was dangerous to deal with.  The former owner Mr. Tanaka was determined to keep her at his farm.  But we proposed to take over Enaco, for we were convinced that the spacious pastures of HORSE TRUST will be a good environment to lessen stress and heal her mental problem.



The only concern of Mr. Tanaka was to separate Enaco from Kocchan(8 years old), because she was the only one Enaco could depend upon, and asked us if Kocchan could move together.  We knew it was very difficult to find a new owner for Kocchan, and we decided to welcome her to RHA.



 The 3 horses moved to Kagoshima on 3 November, 2013.


Getting off the truck, arriving at HORSE TRUST.

It did not take a month until the 3 horses got used to the new life in Kagoshima. For a few days Enaco was in panic when she lost sight of Kocchan.  But soon there was a remarkable change.  Enaco learned to cope with other horses, which was a great surprise!  Kocchan, and Harmony Chitose-chan have made new friends.

Help Us Support Enaco, Kocchan, and Harmony Chitose-can

We very much appreciate your support for Enaco, Kocchan, and Harmony Chitose-chan.  Donations by PayPal is now accepted. (Enaco has died of a disease on March 24,2014.)


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