What is RHA?

The Retired Horse Association (RHA) is an incorporated non-profit organization adopting retired race horses in order to assure they fulfill their lives.  We started the "foster-parent" system as Egret Equine Foster-Parent Association in 1997, and have adopted 21 horses so far.

We call our horses "Foster Horses". They are supported by our sponsor members, which we call "Foster Parents" and other type of members and sponsors.

Some of the Foster Horses are retrained to ride, but whether they are talented or not is not important.  Being there for us is just enough.  Foster Horses are always there for you to touch, hug, and give carrots. 

We have also started the "Retraining and Rehoming Program" in 2011, so that we can find the best partners for the horses. 14 horses have finished this program and have started their second/third careers. We are ready to assist the owners when the horses need additional training.

We support those who are to adopt a horse, and go between the farms and stables. We also  support management of small/private groups that introduce the foster-parent system of their own. We now support 17 groups, 23 horses.

Main Activities

  • We operate the foster-parent system for retired race horses.

  • We support managements of small/private groups that introduce the foster-parent system.

  • We provide "Retraining and Rehoming Programs" for retired race horses.

  • We work on raising public awareness about the retired race horses (e.g. photo exhibitions).

  • We provide riding and grooming programs using our horses, “foster-horse” to have people know more about horses.

  • We watch over the affected horses “hisaiba” of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Tohoku, especially those of Fukushima. We ourselves have adopted 4 hisaibas, Harmony Chitose-chan, Enaco, Kocchan, and Oni-kun (previously call Niki Planet).