How You Can Help

We sincerely appreciate your warm contribution from overseas. 

1)  Donation Via PayPal


Click the above button and enter the amount you wish to donate in "price per item".

2)  Remittance to Our Bank Account

Here is our bank acount for remittance from overseas. Handling charges are expensive, however, costing approximately JP4000 - 6000 Yen per transaction in total.



Beneficiary Bank

 The Keiyo Bank, Ltd.


 Sawara Branch

Beneficiary Bank Address

 537-2 Sawara I Katori-city Chiba 287-0003 JAPAN



Payee Name

 The Retired Horse Asssociation

Payee Address

 225-1 Motoyahagi Katori-city Chiba 287-0025 JAPAN

Payee Account